Company Service

College-Enterprise Cooperation

Cooperating with different universities in fields of Robot, UAV Supervise, Optical Zoom, digital image processing and AI systems;

Product Customization

Support customizing product based on UAV optical zoom and pod stabilization,which is integrated with laser distance measurement, radar imaging, and thermal infrared imaging.

Company Cooperation

Focus on cooperation among UAV, robot, and industrial inspection based on optical zoom, stabilized gimbal camera, image transmission, data transmission, and gimbal control.

Agent Cooperation

Welcome sale agents, online shops, and sale representatives to collaborate with us. We guarantee that only two agents will be supported in different countries. Rules are that first come, first served.

Skills and Development

Skilled Hardware Engineer

All board cards are developed by ourselves. We also deal with camera ISP card, motor control, gimbal control.

Skilled software engineer

The whole system of camera core including hardware driver, image processing and UI. All functions can be customized by your requirement.

Technical Support

Provide fist-class technical support before sale and after sale. For customer’s constructive advices, we highly appreciate and will try our best to solve problems such as fly control, image transmission, data transmission, gimbal control, camera, OSD menu, and multi-protocol switches.

Original System Design

Being innovative in original system design. We are first manufacture to provide optical zoom, video streaming data storage and control system, which shows strong technical advantages and integrating capacity.